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Engine Room

This was the first stage of what turned out to be many stages of this systems refit.  This was the beginning of the deconstructive phase.  The 30+ year old engine and the array of Billy Bob, weekend warrior, hay wire and duck tape repairs had taken its toll.  The engine room was a complete mess and maze of old wiring, oil leaks, contorted water and rusted fuel system lines.  It had also wreaked havoc with the floor from oil, water and antifreeze leaks.  The entire engine room was gutted down to every last piece of the old neanderthal jury rigged mess of what didn’t even resemble anything marine.  The entire room was then de-greased, scrubbed and washed and the hazmat team called it a day! (just kidding), but it sure looked like Chernobyl after everything was removed.  The pictures paint a story of what was left after everything was removed.  The entire room was then painted, it was so bright you almost needed sunglasses to come in.  Then began the engineering and planning stages to fit in dual battery banks, dual charging systems (one engine banks charger and 1 inverter charger), 2 raw water strainers for the dual engine cooling system, hot water tank, dual Racor fuel system, fuel polishing system, additional sea-cocks for raw water and scupper drains and of course the new Cummins diesel engine.  I know there is something else I’m missing, to many things on the brain.  This in turn began the process for designing all the plates, glass walls and glass mounting areas to accommodate everything.  Every piece was dry fitted and bolted in place, then all disassembled, sanded and painted.  Finally, all mounted in for the 2nd time for the beginning of all the new systems.

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