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This was a crappy job (pun intended)  Our boat has the Skipper II heads.  These are very good heads, made completely out of solid bronze.  These things will suck a golf ball through 5 feet of garden hose and are not 6 inches off the floor with your knees up around your ears.  New they would run over a 1000.00.  They work extremely well and are not a complicated job to rebuild if you are mechanically inclined.  You can still buy the rebuild kits for them for around 120.00 US.  We found both of ours had the same issues, the piston lever and the piston shaft.  Separately both of these are expensive.  We found the shafts for 86.00 and the piston lever in a rebuild kit for only 126.00, and the shafts are usually around 90.00 and the rebuild kit without them around 120.00, so really a good deal.  As these are becoming scarce we bought 2 extra rebuild kits for them for future use and figure if they lasted over 30 years before we rebuilt them these kits should keep them up and running for our lifetime and possibly our kids lifetimes after we are gone.  However, if it ever comes to the point when they require to much $ to repair ie; broken bowl or the like we will replace them with modern heads.  They really keep your poop in a groove!

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